Pathfinders. Because Family Matters.

3   External Programs
How Our Model Works

Our model uses our 3 outreach programs to engage with the community and meet their immediate needs. Then, we segway into offering the community more comprehensive assistance with our 2 internal programs. Lastly, we use the progress and bond we have with the community to move closer to our goal.

Our 3. 2. 1. Model

Pathfinders follow a 3, 2, 1 model to approach our community in a unique way. This model entails using 3 external programs, 2 internal programs, and focusing on 1 community goal. Our model makes it possible for Pathfinders to see the most essential needs of our community while facilitating their request. 

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Boots On The Ground

Our "Boots on the Ground" program promotes creating a trauma-informed community. The mission of this program is to engage with our community, provide resources, and help find probable solutions.

2   Internal Programs
1  Community Goal