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“If you have the courage to connect with people from different races, nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, and regions, you have the power to bring about a change in the world.”
                                                               ― Germany Kent


Timeless Teachings in a Changing World.

Pathfinders of Muskegon mission is to heighten lives and strengthen our community, fueled by people and organizations, bringing passion and resources needed to get things done. Giving some of your time and talent in creating lasting solutions that will improve life for everyone. Volunteer with Pathfinders of Muskegon!


Work with Exciting Youth

Supporting your Community 

Giving your time to be an example or mentor to inspiring youth, helping unlock their unlimited potential.

Giving your time and talents to community organizations improves your community overall. 

Being Apart of Change

Every moment you spend investing time in youth, is a moment you are changing the course of someone's life. 


When it comes to enhancing a community, it doesn’t mean you have to raise thousands of dollars for a donation. Making small but gradual differences in any way adds value to our mission.

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