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The LiveBeyondAbuse Program is an educational program for youth to be educated about Domestic Violence. The LiveBeyondAbuse Program was established in honor of the passing of Aniya Mack, who was a victim of domestic violence in June 2018. 


Loreeta Rankin-Bailey

The Mother of Anyia Mack


Our mission is to educate young adults about the dangers of domestic abuse and the various kinds of abuse. We are dedicated to informing young adults on what abuse is and how it occurs. 



Our work involves active engagement with those who have experienced violence to understand their experiences, helping direct them to the appropriate resources. LBA promotes educational and sympathetic dialogue as key to assisting those in need of understanding and confronting from their negative relationship experiences.

Anyia Mack

The Daughter of Loreeta Rankin-Bailey



Our vision is to provide our community with inclusive and effective support, educating, and reliable services. It is our greatest wish to see a thriving community, well informed about how to maintain safe relations and positive mental health status.  

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