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Our approach to improving the communication between schools, students, and families in our community through embracing a mixture of classic & modern methods of education, by way of technology and formal tutoring. We firmly believe this will encourage a greater change in our community concerning our youth and their education.

Kaylen Wheeler-Gooden
Program Coordinator/ Project Manager

AGS (Music), B.A. Philosophy and Family Science, Western Michigan University 2019

Pathfinder's objective is to provide an enriching program that supports the parents and children within our community. Our ultimate goal is to assist parents in becoming more involved with their children’s education and to promote a sense of community.


Academic Tutoring 

In this program, participants will receive personal feedback targeted to their own learning process. This program may include a variety of other activities that could lead to better test scores, higher grades, and improve their psychological development among their peers. Participants will have more opportunities to ask questions, making learning more comfortable. 

Literacy Support

Reading opens doors to a whole world of possibilities. It prepares adolescents to take advantage of limitless opportunities and gives them the confidence to strive. From instant access to phones, computers, tablets, and all forms of social platforms, reading has stiff competition for our children’s attention. The first step in helping children in their literacy success is to focus on exciting ways to engage them in the joy of reading classic literature and digital literature called 'digital rhetoric'.

STEM Program

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Every Tuesday — Wednesday participants engage in a group science experiment that exemplifies all four elements of STEM.

Field Trips

Physical Activities

Entertaining and educational field trips are taken throughout the calendar year giving participants some of their best memories. Our field trips are designed to give our children the opportunity to explore new concepts, meet new people, and try new things, and building relationships.


In addition, students are more likely to remember what they learn from field trips and special presentations, because of the excitement and change in routine.

As an After School Program, we make physical activity accessible and engaging for every participant. It helps the youth of all ages within our program discover the many benefits and of physical activity. 

Here at Pathfinders, we promote physical activity as a part of whole wellness for the body. We believe it enriches the quality of life. After all, you can't have fun without hard work.

Creative Programs

Pathfinders believe in unlocking the creative potential in our youth. We offer program participants the opportunity to create music using music production equipment, art drawing, culinary arts, creative talent development, connecting participants to professional mentors, and anything else participants desire to pursure.



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